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The limitless passion already shown by amazing Jersey Bulls fans is helping us redraw the English football map. The momentum is incredible, and if you want to be ‘in’ right from the start, there’s no better way than grabbing your 1,000 Club Ticket. Do your bit to #BackTheBulls, funding our fledgling club and gaining the chance to win brilliant cash prizes every month!

How it works

Each month(twice in August)  we draw three winning tickets at random, with the following prizes.

1St Prize  – Maximum prize £1,500 and minimum prize £300

2nd Prize  – Maximum prize £750 and minimum prize £150

3rd Prize – Maximum prize £250 and minimum prize £50

All entrants must be over the age of 18 and resident in Jersey

Tickets cost £5 per month.

50% of all money raised from ticket sales will be paid out in prizes with the remaining funds going towards the cost of running the club.

The first draw will take place on 8 August and thereafter each month at the Committee meeting, with the winning numbers announced on Facebook, Twitter and the Jersey Bulls website ( Winners will also be contacted directly to arrange for the prizes to be paid out.

Supporters may purchase as many tickets as they want. Ticket numbers will be allocated on a first come first served basis. All entrants must be over the age of 18 and resident in Jersey.

The relaunched 1000 Club will run from August to December 2022. An application to renew with the Jersey Gambling Commission will be made in September 2022 so that a new draw can be run from January to December 2023.

In 2022 there will be six draws. As we are now past  the cut-off date of 28 July for the first draw an applicant wanting to be included in the next five draws for 2022 will need to pay £25 for a ticket. Anyone purchasing a ticket after the first draw will pay on a pro rata basis for the number of draws remaining in 2022 e.g., if there are five draws remaining a ticket will cost £25 and if there are two draws remaining a ticket will cost £10 etc.

The more tickets purchased, the more money raised for the club and the greater the value of the prizes.

Tickets can be purchased by e mailing your name, address and telephone number to .You will need to arrange to transfer the cost of the ticket to the following bank account.

            Jersey Bulls Football Club

            Sort code 60-12-03

            Account number 27544001

Please include your name and 1000 Club in the payment reference. This will allow us to allocate you a 1000 Club ticket which we will confirm to you by e mail together with confirmation of the month of the first draw you will be entered in.

Each month we will operate a cut off so that if you wish to be included in the draw for that month you send an e mail as set out above and make the payment by the 18th of the month. The cut-off date will allow us time to process the application, check for the payment and allocate a ticket number for inclusion in the draw. The monthly draw after 8 August will be made at the clubs Committee meeting.

The club is registered with the Jersey Gambling Commission and has a Social and Charitable Registration number CR-1963-22. If you have any queries, please contact the draw Promoter David Brookland on

We promise to comply with all Data Protection Act requirements and protect your personal data. Please see our Facebook page for details of our privacy policy.


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