JSY v GSY Around The World Challenge

From tomorrow Saturday 25th the Jersey Bulls will be going head-to-head with Guernsey FC to see which island can cover the most distance – raising money along the way.

Both clubs are encouraging their local communities to take part in a unique inter-island challenge to help raise money for their respective islands’ COVID-19 appeals. The ‘Around the World’ challenge is born out of the indomitable spirit of the public during this difficult time and everyone’s need to contribute and support.The aim is for each island to hit their individual target of 40,075km (the circumference of the earth). Daily progress updates will be posted across each club’s social media pages along with images of those taking part. 

We want the challenge to be inclusive and accessible to as many of the community as possible, so people can walk or run from just 1km to a maximum of 5km in a day. The deadline to complete the challenge is Sunday 17th May at 5.30pm, by which point the majority of the Islands Winter Sports will have completed their Inter-Island competitions.

Each club has set up a donation page with links on each club’s social media pages and websites. All monies raised by each island will go to their respective COVID-19 appeal, and there will be no administration charges or fees taken by either club.

We’ve chosen to raise money for the Bailiffs COVID-19 Appeal – to support our community, and the many charities that provide vital care and services. 

Jersey Bulls Club Officials said  “We wanted to find a way to bring the Channel Islands community – young and old – together. Seeing the successes of fundraising activities around the world, we wanted to find something unique and this ‘Around the World’ race enables us to do just that. 

“The fact that Guernsey FC our local island ‘rivals’, were quick to get behind the challenge really adds another dimension to the excitement,” they added. “Ultimately though our aim is for each island to reach their individual targets of 40,075Km and therefore raise £40,075 for their respective islands. Please remember to stay safe and follow your government’s information on exercise guidelines and social distancing.”

Nic Legg, Guernsey FC Director, adds, “We were delighted to accept the challenge from Jersey Bulls, and we know that islanders will rise to the occasion in the spirit of Guernsey Together, in the hope of beating an old foe in a unique Muratti. Nevertheless, while the competitive streak in us is hoping for a Guernsey win, more importantly a much needed and worthy cause will be the overall winner in both islands.

“Sporting rivalry is healthy but this is one occasion where we are stronger together. We all have one goal in mind – to help our island communities come through this global crisis together as well as we possibly can. That said, of course I’ll be wearing my green and hoping for a Guernsey win – we’ve got this, Guernsey!”

To participate post a photo to any of the Jersey Bulls FC’s social media channels showing the kilometres completed on your hand! Or simply login to the just giving page and donate your minimum of £1 for every 1 kilometre covered. Thanks for your support.

You can complete anywhere between 1km-5km on any given day until the 17th May. Please donate £1 for every km you have completed via

For more information on where the money will be donated please see the following link to the Bailiff Covid-19 appeal fund

Thanks for getting involved!

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