Bulls Fantasy Football 19/20 Winner: Kyle Falle

The 2019/20 Premier League season was the longest in history, meaning that we had to wait even longer to see who had won Bulls’ Fantasy Football League.

It went to the wire, but a huge congratulations to Kyle Falle for being the Jurgen Klopp of the fantasy football world. We caught up with him to try and get some tips for the 2020/21 campaign!

Firstly, how happy are you to have won the Bulls Premier League Fantasy League? 

I am happy because the league was a strong competition and it was close until the end, which didn’t make it easy. 

Have you ever been near the top of any fantasy league table before?

The only leagues I have really been involved in are family and/or friends leagues which I would always be either 1st or 2nd but I can say that I have been 1st more than I have 2nd.

Were you worried it was going to be all for nothing when the season was suspended?

I always thought that the Premier League season was going to be continued which meant that the fantasy season would have to continue too.

Who was the most important player in your team, the Mr Reliable or near to ever present?

Trent Alexander Arnold. This is because I owned him for most of the season and he always provided me with points because Liverpool were so dominant this year. 

Who did you pick as your triple captain, and did your other boosts come off too?

For my Triple captain I chose Sadio Mane in Gameweek 24 when Liverpool had two fixtures that week. Unfortunately, he got injured and was substituted in the first match versus Wolves around 30 minutes in so I only received 3 points from him. My other boosts did provide me with extra points that helped me to challenge for 1st place in the Bulls league.

How many players did you trust from your own football team that you support? 

Throughout the season it was up and down as a Chelsea fan. So players were in my team when we were winning and they were out of my team when we had tough fixtures or started to lose games. 

What was your personal highlight of the Premier League season? 

My personal highlight was Chelsea securing Champions League football with a young team and a new manager because everybody was predicting that Chelsea would not achieve that high of a position in the league. 

Finally, how much are you looking forward to watching the Bulls again!

I’m excited to see the Bulls play again after the football season is back and especially see them try and get the promotion that they deserve.

Congratulations to Kyle. Here is he is with the Jersey Bulls shirt that he won.

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Good luck!

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